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WWE SmackDown Live results : Battleground 2017 live free go home show

Battleground  2017 live free WWE SmackDown Live returns waltzing into our lives today (July 18, 2017) from the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, highlighting the go home show to the up and coming Battleground pay-per-see (PPV) planned for this Sunday night in Philadelphia.

Publicized for this evening: the Punjabi Prison, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Battleground  2017 live free Return appropriate here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog commences once the show begins on USA. It will be underneath this line here. (Update: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Wrongdoers WILL BE BANNED.)

Battleground  2017 live free WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS AND LIVE BLOG FOR JULY 18

At any rate I take a gander at it now, the entryways are shut and can’t be opened. Cover your outrage and cover your dead or you’ll be left with nothing and nobody. There’s no reason for shouting, ’cause you won’t be listened. Presently the tables have turned, and I’m here to liveblog this master wrestling appear, people.

The show opens with a video bundle building up how Jinder Mahal has conveyed the Punjabi Prison to SmackDown TV.

Battleground  2017 live free Enter the Singh Brothers to give Jinder his huge presentation.

The trio enter the inward pen and the external confine is brought down upon them, and Jinder gets on the mic, offering that we see the Punjabi Prison, a gigantic structure that will be the last resting spot of Randy Orton’s heritage. He requests quiet as the group gets a “USA!” serenade going, and the Singh Brothers clarify the standards.

There are four entryways within confine, each gone to by a ref, and when trained by an a wrestler, the entryway will open for sixty seconds, and once that sixty seconds has slipped by, the entryway close and will stay close and never open again. The external enclosure has no entryways, thus the best way to win is to move out of that one.

Battleground  2017 live free Jinder says to serenade for Randy all you need, since he’s going to take him to the highest point of the jail and after that Khallas him to the tangle. This Sunday, two men enter, yet just a single Modern Day Maharaja will clear out. He cuts a promo in Punjabi- –


Battleground  2017 live free Enter Randy Orton. He says either Mahal is the most valiant SOB he’s at any point met or he’s recently not too brilliant. Being secured up that jail with him? Settling on a cognizant choice to be confined up like a creature with him, disengaging any genuine favorable position that he at any point had, the Singh Brothers, the reason he won the title in any case!

Orton gets easygoing and inclines toward the confine and reminds Jinder that there will be no running, no stowing away, and you see, he doesn’t ha anything to lose. He took his title, humiliated his family, attempted to take his nobility, and he exited him for dead. Orton climbs part far up before keeping, disclosing to Jinder that he has everything to lose, as the 50th WWE Champion ever.

Battleground  2017 live free Mahal has the heaviness of the whole nation of India on his shoulders, the heaviness of 1.3 billion souls on his back. The Viper crawls promote upward and asks what Jinder is going to do when those 1.3 billion souls run wild on you think of him as a disfavor?

He achieves the highest point of the external enclosure and says on Sunday that is going to be his view after he leaves Jinder’s raised ass in the ring, his view just before he reclaims what’s his, and it’ll be his view when Mahal hears the words “and your new WWE Champion, Randy Orton” and understands his destiny. The two at that point gaze each other down.

Battleground  2017 live free Editorial reveals to us John Cena will address his banner match, and our headliner is Styles and Nakamura versus Owens and Corbin, yet to start with, the Usos are strolling backstage to send us to break.

Once more from business in time for passages, and Big E does the arrangement.

Jimmy Uso versus Kofi Kingston

Battleground  2017 live free Revolving around, neckline and elbow, Jimmy pushes Kofi in the corner and breaks messy however Kingston ducks the punch and puts boots to him. In and out, more steps, a veritable small time Unicorn Stampede. Delay dropkick associates, just a one include and Kofi twerks Uso’s face before low crossing over him outside.

Jimmy ventures again from a plunge, Kingston modifies, slingshot tope con giro and we go to break!

Again from business, Jimmy is well in control, getting a back chinlock in passing on his way to an invert chinlock. Kingston to his feet, jawbreaker, he gets the boot on a kick however gets gotten by the roundhouse on the second attempt yet it’s just a nearfall. Kofi attracting himself up the corner, Uso charges in however gobbles the fly up twofold step!

Kingston assembling it, dropkick, bouncing rope, off the ropes, Boom Drop, lying in hold up yet Uso has the Trouble in Paradise explored, fire fighter’s convey… Passing Valley Driver into the turnbuckles! NOT ENOUGH! To the cover, counter kick, Jimmy with the cutting ideal to cut him off on the turnbuckles, thinking superplex yet Kingston thumps him down with strikes.

Jey running impedance from the smock, Kofi gets Jimmy with a shoulder piece, plunging crossbody, Uso moves through…

Jimmy Uso wins by pinfall with a parallel press.

Battleground  2017 live free Shane McMahon is backstage meeting with the ladies in the #1 contender’s match this end of the week. That is five days from now, however this evening, he’s gotta make sense of who will give them an aggressive match today. Charlotte Flair says it’s straightforward, after the surmising a week ago, she needs to battle Lana.

Natalya calls her whimsical and says she’s battling Lana today around evening time. Shane says nobody’s battling Lana and Becky Lynch suggests that she needs the match. Tamina calls her tea moronic and says no one’s battling Lana today around evening time. Nattie pitches a Lynch/Flair match and Charlotte says that won’t work since it wouldn’t be aggressive.

Becky sputters and Charlotte says she’s beat her inevitably. McMahon says Nattie’s privilege and makes the match!

Editorial illuminates us that we’ll be investigating Jason Jordan’s current declaration of his actual parentage after the break.

Once more from business, we get a video bundle covering the “Kurt Angle has a mystery” story and the huge uncover that Jason Jordan is really his child.

Also, thereupon into a meeting with Chad Gable. He says he didn’t expect his life was going to get flipped around like that and a bit of caution would have been pleasant, yet Jason called him after and they talked it over. They do everything together out and about and he knew something wasn’t right, and Chad comprehended what he was experiencing.

With respect to what that implies for Chad Gable, first he discusses all they’ve accomplished together and puts Jordan over as an incredible person and says regardless he’ll bolster him same as ever. To the extent what’s next he has a few thoughts yet he wouldn’t like to destroy the shock. This is a fresh start for Jason additionally a shot for the viewing pleasure of anyone passing by Chad Gable all alone.

Mike and Maria Kanellis make their passage, Mike has a match after the break.

Mike Kanellis versus Sami Zayn

Battleground  2017 live free Sami in hot, throwing Kanellis into the turnbuckle and punching without end. Move to cleaves, climbing, mounted punches, quick fire, and Mike cools off. Zayn around the bend with a lasso for him, hurling him back in the ring, however he keeps running into a boot, a lower arm, whip, Sami runs him over with a rope consequently before lariating him outside!

Trailing, the underdog places loverboy into the blockade before moving him back in the ring yet again. Kanellis gets him with clubbing blows, a kick to the chest, off the ropes, yet Zayn has another tether in the tank for him! Corner exploder suplex, Maria gets in the ring to hinder the Helluva Kick!

Arbitrator Jason Ayers advises her to leave and she in the long run does as such, giving Mike the chance to shoot a tremendous right snare…

Mike Kanellis wins by pinfall with Divine Intervention.

John Cena will be here after the break.

Once more from business, John Cena makes his passageway.

Battleground  2017 live free He heads to the ring, where the Bulgarian and US banners are held tight posts as they will be on Sunday. He says you can listen, you can feel it, let it rain, let it thunder. The WWE Universe is energized on the grounds that they realize that Sunday they’ll see astounding things, titles on hold, the Women’s Revolution moves on, the craftsman known as Shinsuke Nakamura, something you haven’t found in ten years in the Punjabi Prison coordinate…

In any case, of the things you see, what will you recollect? Cena places that you’ll recollect the banner match. He talks up the fundamental blueprint of the match and the opportunities America remains for, including creating an uproar on SmackDown, and the reason you’ll recall the banner match is on the grounds that you’ll recollect either the triumph of the United States or of Bulgaria.

He knows he hasn’t generally been our most loved child, there are individuals who don’t care for him and that is reasonable. In any case, he believes that today around evening time we would all be able to concur that we as a whole love the banner, and the inquiry will be whether the banner flies or falls. He would already be able to hear how we feel about that, and that lays decisively on his shoulders, and he needed to turn out over here this evening to reveal to us that he’s prepared.

Battleground  2017 live free He knows it’s not a commonplace match, that he has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead, however he’s prepared. He knows how everybody will feel on the off chance that he can’t complete it, and look at him dead without flinching, he’ll guarantee that he’s prepared. What’s more, if any of us were in his spot, we’d do a similar thing, on the grounds that the United States is a country of contenders who remain for what they have confidence in and never surrender.

The group serenades “USA!” and John says that is on account of they have faith in what he trusts, that America battled for freedom and battled to keep it, battled sibling against sibling, battled against the Axis Powers in World War II, in subsidence, misery, sit-ins, walks, the Cold War, every last bit of it, each time the banner flew high. At the point when the towers fell, at last, the banner flew high.

Battleground  2017 live free Furthermore, on Sunday, you’ll recall a similar thing he does, and these hues don’t run, they kick ass. He recovers the banner and vows that on Sunday, the banner will fly high, giving it a couple of waves to ensure we recognize what that resembles – AND RUSEV BLINDSIDES HIM! Stepping without end, push kick, Cena’s laid out on the tangle!

Battleground  2017 live free Step to the back, Accolade bolted on, twisting it back… CENA’S STANDING IN IT! He backs Rusev into the corner, attempting to break the hold yet he can’t

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